Timber as a structural building material is already an attractive option for many projects in the UK due to its strong environmental credentials. Whereas the production of concrete and steel generates serious carbon emissions (concrete gives off 140kg per cubic metre), trees take in carbon as they grow. It has been shown that this ‘locked-in’ carbon can, in some instances, exceed the carbon emissions that occur during construction.

There are other savings to be made too, with several weeks being sliced off the build programme for a typical 4-storey block of apartments, when compared with construction in steel or concrete.

At present, timber-framed homes account for around 10% of the UK’s new building stock. This percentage is likely to increase significantly in the next few years as developers and stakeholders strive to meet the Government’s environmental target of making new homes zero-carbon by 2016.

We have been at the forefront of engineered timber design for over 30 years and are ideally placed to help our clients take advantage of this new age of building.

We currently enjoy a working relationship with several national companies, providing them with a timber frame engineering service.

David Button is a registered NHBC certifier and is able to provide NHBC H353B certificates.

For those clients who wish to undertake their own engineering calculations we have developed our own analysis and design software (TIMFRAMTM). This software enables structural calculations to be prepared quickly, accurately and economically and results in significant savings being made in timber quantities. As well as marketing this software to external companies, all of our in-house calculations are produced in this manner, following receipt of suitable drawings and details from the client.

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